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Credit Database
This premier product uses both demographic and mortgage attributes as well as an overlay of credit information to determine the consumers need for pre-screen offers. This product allows mortgage companies to now target homeowners who will pre-qualify and they will have the ability to choose selects such as the credit score, FHA/VA, Fannie/ Freddie, late pays, revolving debt, loan balance, ltv, loan date, age, income and many more.

ALL credit lists are scrubbed against NCOA and are
CASS certified to ensure the highest deliverability rate.

Consumer Database
Over One-hundred-thirty million households strong and powered by multiple sources, the Data Connection's Consumer Database is the most comprehensive available.

Sharpen Your Focus
with over 100 selects including:

• Age
• Income
• Sale Amount
• Length of Residence
• Homeowners/Renters
• Married with children
• Active Seniors
• Affluent Households
• Mail Order Buyers
• Contributors and many more.

Debt Settlement Database
Data Connection's debt settlement leads are derived from proprietary models using individual demographic, psychographic and self-reported survey information. Data Connection examines current high revolving debt holders and profiles their most common attributes. Data Connection then models its in-house database and creates a database of the best prospects for debt settlement. This allows our debt settlement customers to only select customers that have a need for their services now.

Business List Database
With over 15 million businesses in our database we are sure to find the right ones for you. Choose from selects such as SIC Code, Industry Type, Annual Volume, Employee Size, phones and more. With our ability to target geography by state, county, city, zip, and radius you are able to pinpoint only the areas you need to maximize your marketing dollars.

Mortgage Database
The Data Connection mortgage database is one of the largest and comprehensive in the industry. With over 66 million records the Data Connection mortgage database includes specific information such as lender name, mortgage amount, mortgage date, purchase price, loan type and rate type. In addition you are able to customize your list using these different selects. This list is ideal for targeting FHA/VA borrowers for streamline campaigns, conventional borrowers who are in need of rate and term refinancing, or home equity borrowers.

Mortgage Triggers
Mortgage Triggers are individuals that have had their credit pulled by another mortgage company or bank. You can choose to select the timeframes of 24 hrs, weekly or monthly triggers. Imagine marketing to homeowners who are in the market to refinance and not wasting your precious marketing dollars on those who are not interested. You choose selects such as credit score, revolving debt, late pays, mortgage date, mortgage balance and many more.

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